Frédéric Letendre

Attorney & Associate

Frédéric Letendre is an attorney, a partner and co-founder of YULEX and trademark agent. He has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in national and international business and technologies’ law and intellectual property.

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Maude Fréchette

Attorney & Associate

Maude Frechette is one of YULEX’s partners and co-founder. For almost fifteen years, she has been advising small and medium-sized businesses in all matters related to business and technologies’ law, intellectual property, as well as financing and restructuring.

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François Boulianne

Attorney & Associate

François Boulianne is one of YULEX’s co-founders and specializes in transactional business law.  François has a D.E.S.S in Canadian tax law. He currently concentrates his practice in commercial, corporate and transactional law for technology driven SMBs.

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Dominique Lavin

Avocat & Associé

Dominique Lavin is one of YULEX’s co-founders and head of its litigation department.  He has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in litigation matter in the fields of corporate, commercial, real estate and construction law as well as civil liability.

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Charles Daoust


Charles Daoust practices in business law, technology law and intellectual property law. He also practices civil and commercial litigation.

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Caroline Rivest


Caroline Rivest has an extensive expertise in estates planning, wealth management and insurance policies as they relate to co-ownerships and estate matters. Her clientele is mainly comprised of SMBs, financial advisors and contractors.

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Bruno Provencher-Bordeleau


Bruno Provencher-Bordeleau conseille principalement des entreprises du domaine technologique en matière de droit des affaires. Il est titulaire d’une maîtrise en commerce électronique et s’intéresse particulièrement aux enjeux juridiques issus des technologies de l’information.

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Sandrine Pernod Boulanger

Attorney & Trademark Agent

Sandrine Pernod Boulanger practices in business law and is a trademark agent. For the past 20 years, she has been involved with innovative startups and mature companies to assist in the international development, protection and valuation of their technologies and intellectual property assets.



Maude Brochu

Technicienne juridique

Maude Brochu has been a paralegal technician at YULEX since its inception.  She is proficient in the field of business law. She is highly appreciated by our customers and knows how to respond to their every needs with exemplary efficiency.

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Tracy Boudreau

Legal Assistant

As a paralegal technician, Tracy Boudreau is in charge of incorporations, the maintenance of corporate books and the management of governmental corporate registries for YULEX clients. She is also an important part of the YULEX Trade-Marks Department.

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Stéphanie Tremblay


Stéphanie Tremblay serves as Paralegal at Yulex. She assists our litigation attorneys with their cases and clients.

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Marie-Soleil Lemay

Administrative Assistant

Marie-Soleil Lemay is an administrative assistant. She is also in charge of the accounting and the reception. With her contagious smile and dynamism, she allows clients to feel confident as soon as they walk threw our doors.

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Amélie Paquette

Head of Communications and Marketing

Amélie Paquette is Head of Communications and Marketing for the firm. She is in charge of YULEX’s events organization and handles its external communications, especially on social networks.

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